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About The Breed

  • The Australian Labradoodle is a breed that has been carefully developed since the 1980s, bred over generations with focus on temperament, coat quality and soundness through diligent health testing and planned matings. 

  • Australian Labradoodles are multigenerational, meaning both parents of the dog were Australian Labradoodles.

  • No other “doodle” breed has been developed over generations like the Australian Labradoodle.

  • Australian Labradoodles have a consistent appearance and temperament throughout the breed.

  • Australian Labradoodles are people-focused dogs with exceptional eye contact and a desire to please.

Information provided by: ALAA

Back in 1989 when a blind women was in need of a service dog, but her husband was allergic to dogs, Wally Conron took it upon himself to start working on creating a perfectly temperamental service dog with a hypoallergenic coat.

Wally Conron, the Breeding Manager of Guide Dog Services in Australia, mixed a Labrador Retriever and a non-shedding Standard Poodle. With the ultimate success of the first breeding test of the Australian Doodle, he continued breeding focusing on consistency in coat types, temperament and conformation.

With the system of "continuous breeding", Conron found success in consistency by adding in other breeds such as Irish Water Spaniels, Curly Coat Retrievers, English Cocker Spaniels, and American Cocker Spaniels. With that in mind, Australian Labradoodles have a total of 6 possible parental breeds that give the breed the biggest difference in comparison to the Standard Labradoodle, which are consistent with only Labrador Retrievers and Standard Poodles.

Information provided by: K9 Web

Image by Brooke Cagle

Their Origin

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